The end of a schoolyear

8 Jan


It was a very rich month, because off the end of the schoolyear. In Peru this also means that at the end of the schoolyear and that’s not going to just happen.As everywhere a Party belongs with the necessary food, also in this case. Thus we had the promotion party for 5 year olds. They leave and go to a regular school. 2 of them were 3 year with us in Brazos Abiertos. With 2 buses full of kids and family members we have been to the beach. This is not far from here. Yet it was for about 80% the first time they were there.

Enjoy enjoy

This month there are various companies and funds showing good will. Many look to go to the less fortunate and want to give them something, through us. So we went with 80 children  to the cinema, there are several ‘ chocolatades ‘ (a party with chocolate, Christmas bread and a present) and finally, yesterday, was the 22nd, the Clausura or the end of the year.Highlighted by a Peruvian dance, by the women of the women’s group. Also Jordi and David were in a Peruvian Pack hoisted cheerfully and danced. And now …. it is just rest. Time for each other, time to yourself to reflect on what God has done for us.

Fine, blessed days and a warm greeting from Lima!

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