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26 Oct




Dear friends and family,
We are back home’! After saying goodbye to everybody and a long journey, it was good to come home in Lima, where already William was waiting for us to load all our 10 suitcases into his van.

It was a warm homecoming! The people around us are very happy that we are back as they had missed us a lot (and we them ofcourse) … .. The various meals we were offered testified from the warm and hospitable culture here in Peru. (How will Jordi ever loses his excess pounds … ..)

The children have taken their familiar places on school again. Hanna started Fetzer and loves it. She says that she pretty much understands the English although she often needs the help of her brothers

The Furlough…..
We look back on our furlough as a very lovely and blessed time, above expectations. We enjoyed and could fill up our tanks with all the contacts with family, friends and others. The kids had a great time at the Dutch school and we were happy to work part-time as well. We were able to give so much, just by telling our story during the presentations. We were so grateful for their warm welcomes and contacts. We have taken it as a precious gift in our hearts. Additionally, we could welcome 6 more sponsors for children, fantastic! Sayuri (pictured above right) was delighted with her doll, the first one ever, which she received from her new sponsor.

Women at work
In the past months, our volunteers have continued their work with the mothers, which has gone very well. A point of gratitude!

So three months ago, we left the women with a somewhat ‘burdened heart’ behind with a designer, who was just starting a project with them. The results were presented last Wednesday and it was superb! 12 Women have worked very hard the last weeks to make their own designed jewelry. Presenting it, was super scary for them, but they did it! The results are impressive; Frieda and Jeanette (from the Fair Trade company)who visited us were deeply impressed and placed a big order. Hard work was rewarded. And not only that, this whole process has done a lot with the self-esteem of these women, and that is actually the most beautiful.
Love, blessings and warm greeting from Lima!

Jordi and Ria, Timo, Joah and Hanna Elena Bosch

Support If you would like to support us once or every month, you can make a donation through Modern Day ( click on Bosch Family. Or through our PayPall account Would you like to sponsor a child, please contact us at


5 Jul

Timo, Joah and Hanna Elena Bosch Jordi and RiaWarm greetings, from a cold Lima.  Our boys Timo and Joah are enjoying the first days of their Winter break! Hanna still has classes until the day we leave, the 20th of July.In the meantime things go on; we’re in the process of building our new ground. We hope and pray that one of these days a donation of cement will arrive. It will arrive, the question is just ‘when?’. The women at Brazos Abiertos are busy making jewelry and sewing bags, items we will be selling in the Netherlands. Would you like to sponsor a child as well? Many of our children need one! Please contact us: brazos.abiertos.lima@gmail.comor The Peterson family visited us with 3 other families from Southbrook Church, USA. They worked very hard and were such a blessing. One mum  shared thankfully: ‘I don’t have the resources to take my children on a day out, you did it, my kids had such a great fieldtrip, they’ll never forget it’.Last week, Sheila, one of our four year old students, got a special visit from her sponsor from the USA; the Peterson family. There’s one word for it: ‘awesome’. Not just for Sheila and her family but also for the Peterson family, who were greatly touched by the experience. With their Bible study group they have been sponsoring Sheila for quite a while. Thanks to their support, Sheila’s education is paid; and she receives a healthy breakfast and snack everyday. Hanna still has classes until the day we leave, the 20th of July.

Warm greetings, from a cold Lima.
Jordi and Ria
Timo, Joah and Hanna Elena Bosch

Newsletter December

23 Dec

11350910_954630807941728_2138264748024084992_nDear people, here you can find the link from Ria and Jordi Bosch for the latest news. Greetings from the home committee and we wish everybody the best for 2016.

With kind regards,



Newsletter October

19 Oct

11350910_954630807941728_2138264748024084992_nDear people,

Here you will find the newsletter from October from Jordi en Ria. By clicking this link, you can open it.

With kind regards,

The Home Committee


Newsletter august

31 Aug

Ria with the womans clubDear supporters,

If you click here, you can read the latest news about the Bosch family in Lima, Peru.

Thank you for al the support.

The home committee


Project Support a Child

4 Jun

This is the result of sponsoring: children get a promotion and can go to school!!

This is the result of sponsoring: children get a promotion and can go to school!!

Thanks to the loyal support of all supporters, Jordi and Ria Bosch have been able to maintain the work in the slums of Lima. Now, they want to expand the work to reach out to even more children and their families. Expansion, which also involves more monthly costs.

To be able to give hope for a better and healthier future to the children, we decided to start the sponsor project: SPONSOR A CHILD!

How does it work to Sponsor a child!

At this moment Brazos Abiertos counts 110 registred children in our preschool. These children receive personalized education, healthy breakfast, snacks and materials.

Within the sponsorship is also covered personal higiene, little maintenance and administration.

The sponsorship for a child is 50 US Dollars per month.

Would you like to become part of a healthy and hopefull future of a child?

Then connect with us through To start sponsorship, please go to , click on DONATE TODAY and then select BOSCH FAMILY.

Newsletter may from fam Bosch

4 Jun

The building where the church, womans club, teens club and many more things are held

The building where the church, womans club, teens club and many more things are held

Here you can read the newsletter from Ria en Jordi Bosch, click on the following link and the newsletter will be openen: news may 15


26 Dec

School of the boys

Here you can find the latest newsletter. By clicking ont this link, it will be opened.

With kind regards en all the luck for the new year and happy christmas.



Short movie about Brazos Abiertos

5 Nov

Newletter March

15 Apr


Via this link you can open the newsletter from Ria en Jordi. With kind regards, homefront commitee