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News April 2018

5 Apr

The new school year took of in March. Daily we meet 63 children in our pres school.
Our school got extended with a ‘first grade’. 16 First graders and our great teacher Maricruz occupy this classroom with lots of enthusiasm.
We’re grateful for the donations we received, which allowed us to buy school supplies and a projector and digi board as well!
3 Members of our ‘Brazos Abiertos Church’ got baptised this month.

December 2017…

22 Dec

A great and busy month with many celebrations.
A month in which many people love to be a blessing to others and in which the poor are so blessed by receiving gifts.
We’re grateful to be part of this and to be a blessing to many.
The graduation ceremony of the 5 year old children, which is a big happening in Peru (called: ‘promoción’).
The women group doing a Christmas craft and Bingo
Churches, businesses and families are blessing the poor by handing out gifts, paneton (typical christmas bread) and chocolate milk. Often it goes a long with a show or festivity.
Our teenagers, having a beautiful gala to finish the year 2017
Jaarafsluiting en diplomering
With about 300 people, we had a special meeting to celebrate Christmas and to close the year. Wit different acts, the beautiful video of the Brazos children (link) and the graduation of 12 adults who have finished their primary or secondary school.

What a weekend – Marriage and Baptisme

23 Nov

Fiorella and Joseph, part of our Brazos Abiertos church, got married last Saturday.
They lived together for 10 years and this day we could give them the blessing of God over their marriage.

Sunday, 7 people of our congregation got baptized! Each one of them has a beautiful testimony, which shows us
that God is at work in the lives of the people in our area that we may serve.


Family Run 2017

23 Nov

This month we had for the 3th year in a row the 5k family run. Organized by Peru Generoso.
Again, it was a great event with more then 600 participants. All the money that was raised, goes to Brazos Abiertos and Kids Alive; both ministries
woking with children.

Open Day ‘The Creation’ – October 2017

13 Oct

Last week we had our ‘Open Day’. Which means that the children of Brazos Abiertos presented their work. It was all about ‘The Creation’.
The teachers, parents and children had done a wonderful job. We’re so proud of them, especially to see how they all have grown in creativity and how these little ones dared to step out and present their work.

Brazos Abiertos women present their products

4 Oct

Necklaces, bags, hats, home made jam and more….. our women have learned a lot these past months and that should be presented!

Last week we got a visit of a Fairtrade business from the Netherlands and Peru, who are interested in buying these products.


For some of our women presenting is something natural, for others it is something too scary, to get that much attention. But they did it and we’re so proud of these women who’re stepping out more and more.

One of the women is facing a hard time at home, because of violence at home. She had a big smile on her face and shared: ‘this encourages me to keep on going’.